Auto Detailing Packages


Ceramic Pro San Fernando Valley provides elite car detailing services to the Northridge area. Since our company’s inception in 2002, Ceramic Pro San Fernando Valley, a subsidiary of Fantazy Motor Sports, has provided car detailing services to remove imperfections while providing high-end restoration services. When it comes to preserving your car, car detailing adds short-term shine and long-term added value in the event of a resale. Our highly trained technicians use the best tools, techniques and products to produce details that last for months and protect vehicles from the roads and elements of Southern California.

Our passion for car detailing stems from a strong desire to customize and keep cars in pristine condition. Our company believes that car detailing is one of the main pillars of car care. At Ceramic Pro San Fernando Valley we make it our mission to never settle for anything less than perfection. Our store offers several auto detailing packages to remove paint imperfections, detail interior or provide long lasting shines. Below you will find a breakdown of our car detailing packages, please click on the respective links to find out more about each package!

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Exterior Touch Up

This package includes a thorough exterior car wash, deep cleaning of wheels, windows and tire shine.

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Clay and Polish

This package includes a deep cleaning car wash, wheel detail, clay bar and paint polish (one stage correction).

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Blackout Package

This package provides black out services to remove chrome and get your black car as clean as ever!

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Paint Correction

This package includes exterior clay bar, compound polishing, wash line removal, micro marring and swirl removal, wheel and tire detail and shine.

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Concourse Correction

This package includes a car wash, clay bar, compound polish, wet sand (if necessary), removal of all paint defects and wheel and tire detail.

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Interior Detail

This package includes an extensive interior vacuum, interior surface wipe down and cup holder cleaning.

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